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Mario Páez, new Chairman of Campofrío Food Group

The Group’s new Chairman, Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of Sigma Alimentos, takes over from Pedro Ballvé in the post.

03.07.2017 Madrid

Mario Páez, Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of Sigma Alimentos, who from December 2015 held the post of CFG’s Vice President, was named new Chairman of Campofrío Food Group in a Board of Directors’ meeting held on July 1 in Madrid. Mario Páez replaces Pedro Ballvé in the post. 
Páez joined Alfa, Sigma’s parent company, in 1974. Subsequently, in December 2002, he was appointed Managing Director of Sigma Alimentos. In this post, he succeeded in turning Sigma into a multinational company at the forefront of the refrigerated foods industry, building a portfolio of leading brands with 67 factories in 17 countries across four key regions: Mexico, Europe, the USA and Latin America, creating jobs for more than 40,000 workers. 
In the words of Mario Páez, “I am taking over the presidency of Campofrío Food Group at an exciting time and following the great legacy left by Pedro Ballvé, a figure who has been pivotal in guaranteeing its future. The Group’s transformation and expansion and the continuing development faced by the sector are going to mark a fresh stage that requires a steady innovation pace and a sustainable growth model”. 
As planned, Páez will be taking over the post which, to date, has been held by Pedro Ballvé. This businessman from Burgos assumed the helm of the presidency of Campofrío Food Group in 1985. Throughout these years, he has played a decisive role in the company’s development and expansion at the national and international levels. Moreover, he was a prominent figure in the acquisition of Campofrío Food Group by Sigma Alimentos and the reconstruction of new facilities in Burgos following a fire in 2014. 
Ballvé himself said, “I feel truly proud and satisfied to have led a business project such as that implemented by the Campofrío Food Group, alongside a human team of outstanding professionals. On considering my work here as over, it is now the time of Mario Páez, who will be working to take this great project to the next stage, filled with growth opportunities”.
Pedro Ballvé will continue to be associated with the company as advisor of Campofrío Food Group.